Preservation and Empowerment of the indigenous Population

Donor funded by Inter American Foundation (IAF)

Preservation and empowerment of indigenous communities in Trinidad and Tobago.

Under the civic engagement and human rights approach LWC expects to improve the economic enhancement of indigenous communities (60 direct, 240 indirect – local and migrant beneficiaries), by strengthening their skills in business plan development, product positioning and the creation of strategic alliances in the market, contributing to their social integration.

Based on that the locality of Arima has Santa Rosa First Peoples Community which is the only organization for the indigenous population which is:

– Led by the members of the community

– It is organized and knows the needs of the population.

– It actively participates in forums and events with other local institutions.

– Is willing to collaborate with the Ministry for Integral Human Development of Living Water Community.

LWC proposes to work with local and migrant indigenous communities, to promote integration, access to training and resources to improve their skills and access to sustainable livelihoods.

LWC has been working with indigenous women of the Waraos ethnic group for over 6 years, specifically in skills strengthening and education with children for their school insertion. It is expected that 60 people will benefit directly through their participation in the project and consequently, their families will benefit from the skills, resources and opportunities that will arise as a result of the implementation of the program.

LWC believes that through training, access to resources, and support with reinsertion into the local market and community, the families’ living conditions will improve.