The Living Water Community Ministry of Integral Human Development is dedicated to improving the quality of life and advancing the holistic well being of individuals, families and communities both local and migrant.

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To Support and Motivate the migrant and local community to get back a sense of purpose by empowering, Integrating and developing self-sustainability in order to contribute to society and self-growth.

Our Community has a vibrant ministry to the poor in Trinidad – the physically poor and the spiritually poor. In a world where the illiterate, hungry, homeless and destitute spill on to our streets every day, we see the need for basic care, nourishment and self-development programmes managed in an efficient, cost-effective manner. All of this is made possible through the generosity of those who support us by Deeds of Covenant, Donations, Charitable Foundations, Legacies, Fundraising and, of course, our many satisfied customers who visit our Bookstore and Coffee Shop. Every day we are making our dreams a reality, for Frederick Street is more than a facility to many of us, it is the heart of Living Water and it is the staff of dedicated volunteers that make it a home away from home. Living Water Community is a Catholic Ecclesial Community which began in Port of Spain, Trinidad in 1975. It was founded by Rhonda Maingot and Rose Jackman when they responded to a call from God to “light a fire of love” in the hearts of God’s people.

In 1980, 150 persons made covenant with the Community and today there are over 500 covenanted members in the Community, with “tributaries” also in San Fernando and Saba, N.A., Barbados and St Lucia, who come together to share prayer, worship, and to receive instruction with a view to growing in the spiritual life. Out of this prayer experience comes a desire to serve. This is facilitated by in-depth teachings in Catholic Spirituality. The hub of Living Water Community is the ‘Centre’ which has been the Community’s home since 1981 when we took a giant step in faith and bought a building with no money… and then renovated it to accommodate our needs! In the interim our needs have grown and so has the structure of the building, expanding to include the property next door with another floor added.


Living Water Community (LWC), a Catholic Ecclesial Community established in 1975 in Port of Spain, Trinidad, originated from the visionary response of Rhonda Maingot and Rose Jackman to God's call to "light a fire of love" in the hearts of His people. Rooted in this divine mission, our community is dedicated to addressing the needs of both the physically and spiritually poor. In a world where the marginalized, the hungry, the homeless, and the destitute require basic care, nourishment, and self-development programs, LWC is committed to implementing efficient and cost-effective projects that aim to meet the pressing needs of the marginalized and vulnerable in

The Living Water Community Ministry of Integral Human Development (LWC MIHD) was created when the Venezuelan migration crisis was no longer a cause for concern in Trinidad and Tobago and thus the Living Water Community Ministry for Migrant and Refugees (LWC MMR) was no longer needed.

There is still a considerable Migrant population in Trinidad and It was felt that this population was not to be left behind. A more inclusive approach has now been taken and the empowerment of both our migrant and local communities have now become a priority to the LWC under the new Ministry of Integral Human Development (LWC MIHD).

This new Ministry is to provide a holistic development of the individual, covering all aspects of life: social, economic, cultural, personal and spiritual. It promotes the dignity of the human person, equality between every person and the common good of all people in the community. The development must be moral and open to God as we recognise we are all made in God’s image, the rights of the person young and old must always be upheld.